Have you received a prenatal diagnosis?

You are not alone.

There is help.

Do you feel numb and in shock? Heartbroken? Frightened and alone?

Are you considering carrying to term but uncertain how to find resources and support?

Lily’s Gift is a network of concerned parents and professionals who have experienced or worked closely with issues surrounding receiving a prenatal diagnosis. Modeled and trained by Be Not Afraid SM, volunteers from Lily’s Gift offer a free service of practical guidance and compassionate care focusing on meeting the needs of expectant parents as they seek to honor the life of their baby from diagnosis during pregnancy, birth, and no matter what the future holds for the family after birth. Lily’s Gift is here to ensure that your dignity and that of your child is valued and respected.

We provide resource materials, assistance with writing birth plans, birth support persons as requested and referrals to other community-based services and support groups, as needed.

To expectant parents, we offer unique insight and sensitivity regarding such difficult issues as:
• maintaining hope after receiving a prenatal diagnosis
• evaluating medical decision making
• grieving the loss of the anticipated baby
• stillbirth and neonatal critical care

For local support email: LilysGiftLuke12.27@gmail.com
For more information and other resources, visit www.benotafraid.net

Lily’s Gift is a collaboration of the Office for Persons with Disabilities, the Office of Life and Family and Catholic Social Services of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.